Three Is A Crowd

The ultimate cult-car nowadays: the Volkswagen Transporter. Here I've drawn three of them in a sort of German garage. People pay little fortunes to have one. Regarding the price you had to pay fifty years ago, you might say they were a good investment. But most of these cars were used by entrepeneurs for their daily business. So few are saved in good condition, which also explains their raisen value.
Pen and ink with watercolor on 300 grs Canson paper.


Happy Newhair!

To all of you and your loved ones the best wishes. Hopefully lots of fun and joy in the coming year.

I've made a cartoonesk postcard, where every member of the family has the most remarkable hairstyle. Except for one person, because he choosed to be bold some years ago... The phrase is Dutch and means: "Happy Newhair", instead of the normal phrase you'll see on cards in this time of year.
Pen, ink and watercolour.


"Just keep on drawing, I say"

Some drawings seem to last forever just finishing them. This drawing for instance keeps on giving me headaches. Starting off I had some very good ideas, I thought. But when I started sketching most of those splendid ideas didn't turn out the way I thought they would. And now I've finished the inking part, I'm still not sure which colourscheme I should use. 


Drawing For My Website

After several months looking at the drawing on the homepage of my website, I suddenly realised why it doesn't appeal anymore. It was to pale, sloppy and lacked contrast. Furthermore it didn't tell a story. There was no action. So I've adjusted it a little bit. I used the same brushes of the drawing before, but added some more action into the drawing. Didn't use a white background, which didn't look 'classy' at all. Put some more colourcontrast into it, et voila: a new drawing was born! Same subject, different approach.
Pen and watercolor, 15 x 22 cm.


Citroën Traction Avant

After several black and white drawings I decided it was time to make a coloured one. This is the 6 cylinder version of the Citroën Traction Avant. A model build from 1938 till 1955. On a dry, sunny day they sometimes come out of their garages and  can be spotted 'in the wild'. Not only a beatifull car to see, but also nice to draw from almost any angle.
Pen and watercolor on 300 grs Canson cold pressed cellulose.